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Rooting for reform: Samir Shah, NCDEX:Samir Shah, MD & CEO

A call for change: That’s how the year 2013 will go down in history. Undoubtedly, it was the year that brought people around the globe to the streets rooting for change in political equations, in economic realities, and in societal convictions. Akin to that fight for change, somewhere in the corridors of India’s second largest commodities Exchange—National Commodities and Derivatives (NCDEX)—Samir Shah, MD & CEO, NCDEX, was stirring up a small revolution. When Shah took over the Exchange in the summer of 2013, markets were down and growth prospects bleak. The Exchange itself was stuck in a time warp and needed a fresh coat of paint.





Yahoo's making sitcoms? Here are 6 sure-fire comedy pitches

Forget about TV networks like NBC and CBS. Binge-watching original programming on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? Yesterday's news. No, when it comes to seeking out entertainment, the forward-thinking TV viewer living on the bleeding edge of technology will fire up their web browser and surf over to Yahoo and its smorgasbord of original programming.
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Only One: Be the last man standing on your iPad

Only One is a retro-looking fantasy brawler that takes place entirely on a vertiginous cliff top. Little pixellated enemies--swordsmen, archers, and annoying wizards who shoot fireballs--spawn periodically, and it's up to you to chase them around and either slice them to death or knock them off. A green virtual joystick appears wherever you plonk your left thumb, and an attack button sits on the right. The combat's surprisingly well-realized, too, with satisfying sound effects and a smidgen of tactical depth.
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