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2015 Trends: The new IP, SDN takes hold, and the IoT becomes a business issue

Adam Judd, Vice President for Asia Pacific at Brocade | Dec. 10, 2014
Brocade predicts that 2015 will see fundamental changes in the IT industry, driven by enterprises shifting to outsourcing.

4) The virtual workspace will become a necessity: Employees are demanding, and needing, even more flexibility and, with budgets set to remain tight for the foreseeable future, companies are looking for ways to meet user demands and boost productivity. 2015 is therefore likely to see virtual networking becoming increasingly mainstream as companies look to meet this conflicting pressure by introducing virtualized workspaces. IDC has predicted that by 2015, 838.7 million people in APAC will work remotely using mobile technology, the largest increase compared to other regions. Virtualized workspaces offer an opportunity for employees to have the same working experience regardless of their location or device, giving users greater freedom and, in turn, increasing productivity for the business. However, this added flexibility for users will inevitably put greater strain on core infrastructures and companies will need to make sure they have the right networks in place in order to free their employees.

5) Increasing pressure on CIOs to innovate: The "I" in CIO will stand more for innovation than information, with the role quickly evolving from managing ICT infrastructure to creating competitive advantage and driving service agility for the organization. CIOs will have to continuously unlearn legacy approaches and adapt if they want to stay relevant, with priorities shifting from merely keeping the lights on to driving business transformation.


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