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BLOG: 10 tips for tidying up your IT help desk

Doug Hibberd | Oct. 1, 2012
The two most important goals of any IT department are improving end-user satisfaction and lowering costs.

8. Track and manage assets
Asset tracking can help manage costs and improve end-user satisfaction. Nothing makes an end-user happier than a new computer. Asset management tools help by sending alerts about end-of-life equipment. Some asset management tools can also send alerts about expiring service contracts and warranties. An up-to-date warranty on a server can mean the difference between email being down for a day and email being down for a week. Some asset management tools allow effective tracking and management of software licences. When an end-user requests software, it is helpful to know if there are available licenses. Get to the request faster and improve end-user satisfaction.

9. Automate processes
It is important to make the distinction here that IT managers should only try to automate processes that don't require the human touch. For example, when a user sends in a request for software or hardware that requires approval, a person should act. However, some help desk software will allow managers to set up an automated process that notifies the end-user that they need approval and lets their manager know what they have requested. Automating processes can reduce help desk analysts' exposure to tedious and time-consuming tasks and let them focus on real trouble tickets. It can also improve end-user satisfaction by helping them through processes with unambiguous instructions.

10. Choose the right help desk software
This one might also seem a bit obvious, but often small- and medium-sized organisations forgo the purchase of help desk software altogether to save money. There are options on the market for robust, reasonably-priced help desk software. Some of these provide features outlined in the tips listed above like internal and external knowledge bases, automated end-user surveys, email integration, licence and SLA management, and asset management. Some even allow IT managers to fully automate some processes. Feature-rich and easy-to-use help desk software is a necessary component in managing both costs and end-user satisfaction.

Is your business working on a poorly functioning help desk? Stop potential issues in their tracks by giving these tips a shot. They'll help you work towards improving IT operations, but ultimately by doing so, transforming your end-user satisfaction and lowering your company's costs.


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