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BLOG: 2013 security predictions

Jon Andresen | Dec. 18, 2012
As we count down to 2013, what are the top security issues facing organisations and end- users in the new year?

We continue to see a strong smartphone penetration in this part of the world that goes as high as 77 percent* in Singapore and BYOD will continue to dominate the agenda. How will organisations navigate this renewed uptick in corporate security risk?   Where are the key areas of risk in 2013?

Here are the six security predictions from Blue Coat for the coming year:

1.       Mass market attacks become a beachhead for targeted attacks

If your organisation has valuable data, assume someone is going to come after it in 2013 through mass market attacks that provide cover for targeted attacks. Businesses today manage so many end points that they tend to tolerate mass market malware infections. In 2013, this tolerance level will create a backdoor for covert targeted attacks. 

2.       Mobile mischiefware gives way to mobile malware

With more businesses allowing employees to access the corporate network from mobile devices, expect these devices to become high value targets in 2013. Expect to see malware that exploits the security of the device itself to identify valuable information and send it to a server as well as the first mobile botnet that can forward SMS messages to command and control servers. 

3.       Malnets: If it isn't broken, don't fix it

In 2013, expect that most malware will come from large malnets that operate "malware as a business model." In the new year, expect them to refine their models and invest in the business to develop more sophisticated, believable attacks. 

4.       The big data model comes to threat intelligence

Expect the security industry to adapt the big data model to understand more about potential vulnerabilities at a network and user level. Mining this data will allow the industry to build new defences that can help users make safer default choices. 

5.       Sharing generation becomes more private

The wide availability of information exposed users to very personal targeted attacks and allows cyber criminals to waterhole users by more easily identifying the online places they visit and laying booby traps.  As a result of this greater risk, users will begin to limit how much and what information they share and who they share it with.

6.       Securing the business in 2013             

The threat landscape will continue to evolve as cyber criminals adjust and refocus their attacks.  In particular, as mass market and targeted threats converge, it will be important for businesses to take a holistic view of their security. To protect their data and users, businesses should focus their defences on visibility for all traffic, including Web, non-Web and even SSL. 

(*10th edition of The Netsize Guide  - Truly Mobile)

Jon Andresen is Chief Product Evangelist of Blue Coat Systems.


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