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BLOG: A conversation with Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Nimble Storage

Larry Chaffin | May 16, 2013
How he is changing storage

16. How does your product work with wan acceleration?

Customers replication data between sites in order to not lose data in the event of a disaster.  With our systems, data is replicated over IP networks.  In that context, WAN acceleration appliances reduce the amount of data that is sent over WAN links.  However, since we have built several WAN optimization features into our products, the bandwidth reduction that standalone WAN optimization appliances deliver with us tends to be a lot lower than with other storage systems that also replicate data over IP networks.

17. How much can a company save by using your product over the other larger storage companies?

Our customers routinely see capital cost reductions of 50-60% and simultaneously see a dramatic improvement in their application performance, amount of useable capacity and their data is protected a lot better than with larger storage companies.  Additionally, our customers see 75-80% reduction in power and cooling costs compared to larger storage companies. 

Lastly, our customers are also able to leverage general purpose IT administrators to manage their storage, given the simplicity of our storage systems, without having to invest in training and certification programs for their IT administrators to become expert at managing a specific vendors' storage systems.  This also allows the IT administrators to broaden their skill sets and focus on more value added activities.

18. What is the biggest misconception about Nimble Storage that people believe or hear?

Perhaps the biggest misconception relates to a traditional belief about where iSCSI storage systems fit.  Many of our competitors prefer to think about iSCSI as inappropriate for performance intensive applications, despite the preponderance of 10GB Ethernet networks.  Yet, the most frequent drivers of why we win against our competitors is our superior performance  routinely by a factor of 5-6 times  compared to our competitors.  This is despite the fact that almost 60% of our competitive engagements are against products configured with either Fibre Channel or NFS as the storage protocol.

It is also true that this misconception is disappearing at a rapid pace as iSCSI has continued to grow faster than other protocols, and we now have dozens of global Enterprises deploying us in their data centers.

19. Why should large or medium-sized customers look at your product over the other large storage vendors?

The catalyst for why a customer should look at us is one of four potential catalysts. 

  • First, if the customer is looking to shrink their storage spend while simultaneously improving their application performance and scalability of their storage systems, they should consider us.
  • Second, if a customer is looking to significantly improve their ability to protect data and recover rapidly from disruptions or disasters, with a lower cost and lower complexity solution, they should consider us.
  • Thirdly, if a customer is looking to simplify the management of their storage and its integration into VMware, Linux and Microsoft environments, they should consider us
  • If a customer is looking to dramatically improve how their storage environment is supported, proactively rather than reactively, they should consider us.


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