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BLOG: Advice from an IT dad: Don't even consider a career in IT

Eric Knorr | June 28, 2013
Would you recommend that your kid go into IT?

So now I'm in my mid 30s, stuck in a job I hate yet can't leave because I make more than I would in any other line of work I could conceivably do, in an industry that's basically become the McDonalds of corporate jobs, and all because I made the stupid mistake of following my dad into IT. I now have a one-year-old daughter who I will caution in no uncertain terms not to follow daddy into his line of work, if it even still exists by the time she enters what's left of the job market.

Anyway, hope this made for interesting reading. Thanks for writing a great article I got to vent to.

[name withheld]

I have to ask: How many of you feel the same bitterness as the writer of this letter? Or have you had a vastly different experience? And once again — what would you recommend that your kid do?

This is a time of accelerated change for IT, to put it mildly. Admins who used to specialize are learning to wear many hats. IT managers are becoming more integrated with business management — or getting marginalized. Meanwhile, developers with the right combination of skills, at least in and around tech hubs like Silicon Valley, are enjoying unprecedented salaries and perks.

The "Modern Times" conveyor belt of IT is moving faster than ever. If you've jumped off or leaped ahead, if you're struggling or thriving or just getting along, send us your story. IT is a heads-down career — and reading the unsanitized version of others' experiences can help all of us get our bearings.


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