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BLOG: Age discrimination in IT: What would you do?

Meridith Levinson | March 23, 2011
If you possess more experience than necessary for a job, should you scale back your experience to avoid automatic rejection?

Even if DeVito had more than 25 total years of experience in IT—across jobs and functions—he might not have had more than 25 years of experience in each of the specific skills mentioned in the ad. For example, he might have had 15 years in systems management, 10 years in operations management, five years in database management and none in network management. Thus, he could have truthfully said that he had the requisite 12 to 15 years of experience to meet the job ad's requirements, and his experience would have reflected one of the specific skills outlined in the ad.

What do you think of the two questions DeVito's case raises? Would you manipulate your resume or job application in this manner? And if a company automatically rejects a candidate for having too much experience, does that rejection amount to age discrimination?


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