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BLOG: Apple ad deemed a flop…by firm working with Samsung

Andy Patrizio | July 2, 2013
An ad consulting firm says Apple's new ads stink. No one mentions the firm is in with Samsung.

In defense of Ace, ads like this usually do poorly, unless they get into serious patriotism and flag waving, which the ads do not. They simply say "Designed by Apple in California." To get people to buy your product based on where it was made, you need to build on patriotic fervor, and the ads don't do that. They don't even say "Made in the USA"; they say California. And they are hitting at a time when we aren't feeling all that patriotic. Is anyone loving the IRS these days?

I do agree that the ad is poor. It's too long, reek of desperation and the music is maudlin. That's not Jobs-ian advertising, where it would be 30 seconds, usually wordless and feature an uptempo song, likely from a young hippie-chick type chanteuse that Jobs always seemed to be smitten with.

There is a peculiar Microsoft connection to all of this. Ace gave a 674 score to the initial ads for the Microsoft Surface tablet. You know, the ones with the coordinated table shuffling and clicking that left a lot of people scratching their heads. But when you take into account that Samsung is a Microsoft partner in the tablet space and a competitor to Apple, it makes a little more sense.

I'm used to this kind of back-scratching in the industry, to a point. Gartner frequently does research at the behest of Microsoft and other giants, but they say upfront when it's done on behalf of Microsoft. So I can live with that and note it in my article.

But after all this, there is no way I can take any research concerning these two companies if the news outlets citing the stats make no disclosure of their connection to one side.


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