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BLOG: Apple's hiring spree of biosensor experts continues

Yoni Heisler | Feb. 14, 2014
As the rumors surrounding Apple's mythical iWatch continue to swell, Apple has continued to hire folks with deep biomedical and sensor technology expertise.

So while it remains to be seen what type of functionality Apple's rumored iWatch will ultimately include, there's no denying that the company has been quietly assembling a rather formidable team of folks with extensive and vast expertise in biomedical engineering and medical sensor technologies.

Returning to the Rainbow Technology platform for a second, recall that the platform encompasses "advanced signal processing algorithms," which brings us to yet another interesting Apple hire we haven't seen mentioned yet.

Apple this past November hired Nima Ferdosi as an Algorithms Architect.

nima ferdosi
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The hire is notable because Ferdosi comes to Apple via Vital Connect, yet another mobile health company with a strong focus on wearable medical devices and biosensor technologies.

During a nearly two-year stint at Vital Connect, Ferdosi worked on "algorithms and firmware for embedded bio and motion sensors."

Now, if Vital Connect sounds familiar, it's because Apple in December hired Ravi Narasimhan, formerly Vital Connect's VP of R&D. Narasimhan's LinkedIn profile indicates that, much like Lamego, he's working on R&D initiatives at Apple.

Narasimhan describes his background and areas of expertise as follows:

Research and development on biosensors, machine learning, systems biology and computational biology.

Expertise in biomedical algorithms, data analysis and wireless technologies.

It's worth noting that Ferdosi in 2013 helped author two publications centering on a nonintrusive chest patch sensor capable of monitoring a user's respiratory rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, steps, and even falls.

These two publications were co-authored by Narasimhan and another fellow named Alexander Chan. Chan is a Biomedical Engineer with an extremely impressive background, holding a PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from the Harvard-MIT Division of Heath Sciences and Technology.

While there's no direct evidence Chan now works for Apple, he did leave Vital Connect in January 2014 to join a "Technology Company" in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hmmm...

Another person who may have been hired by Apple is Stephen Waydo. Again, there's no direct evidence that he works for Apple, but he spent nearly five years working at C8 Medisensors, where he helped work on non-invasive medical products to measure blood glucose.

Waydo left C8 Medisensors in March of 2013 when the company effectively folded, after which he also joined a "Bay Area Technology Company."

And while admittedly super circumstantial, Waydo's Twitter profile shows that his only tweets since March of 2012 occurred on January 24 when he retweeted tweets from both Phil Schiller and Tim Cook regarding the Mac's 30th birthday.

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