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BLOG: Apple’s iPhone trade in program is a game changer

Alan Shimel | Aug. 29, 2013
Once again Apple defines new business model

It won't be long until we see other phone trade in programs popping up.  I am sure we will see generic used phone traders becoming very common place.  Consumers and even businesses will soon have the choice of buying new phones or late model used phones that will be much cheaper and come with warranties and so forth.

I know that many carriers including AT&T already have been offering refurbed phones for some time.   But just as Apple did not really invent the digital music player, the smartphone or the tablet computer, they will not have invented used phone trade in and refurb sale, but they will be the ones who bring it to the masses as an art form

Mark this day, Apple has just invented its latest market. Buying and selling phones may never be the same.


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