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BLOG: Billions of mobile phones, 600 million Facebookers

Ross O. Storey | April 4, 2011
Latest UN figures highlight the global 'tech obsession'.

"From climate change to health, to education and personal security; no discussion of major social issues is complete without close examination of the role of ICTs in creating, managing, and resolving these issues," according to the ITU experts.

And the ITU lays the future right at the feet of the world's governments.

The Report says: "More than ever, it is vital to consider the appropriate scope of the ICT regulator's mandate in creating an enabling digital world, a world where no citizen should be left out of the digital society."

And, there is always a flip side to advancing technology, a 'yang' to every positive 'Yin'.

New issues and challenges

The ITU Report says: "But while the benefits of the Information Society are manifest, the broadband revolution has raised new issues and challenges. Consumers of all ages are very much pioneers in the Information Society, reaping the benefits of their new world, but also exposing themselves to the risks if the right measures are not taken."

"The interconnectedness of ICTs facilitates the distribution of viruses and malware on a global basis and makes it easier to perpetrate various forms of cybercrime, while at the same time making it difficult to track, investigate, and prosecute cybercriminals."

The Report poses this question: "In the broadband ecosystem, does the telecom/ICT regulator have a role to play in the battle against cybercrime?"

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