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BLOG: BYO laptops and iPads to the office

Stuart Driver | June 10, 2011
It boosts productivity and saves money.

What is desktop virtualisation and how can it help?

Desktop virtualisation essentially provides the infrastructure that offers access to your complete desktop from a remote device and is an essential building block of any BYO scheme. Because the actual desktop, applications and data live in the company data centre and are not tied to the device itself, IT departments can support the trend of consumerisation and fundamentally rethink the way hardware is provided to employees. Security becomes less of an issue, as applications and information are controlled from the data centre and IT administrators can centrally terminate the corporate desktop and remove access to the data centre from the device if it's lost, stolen, or if the employee leaves the company. No data resides on the device, so the only cost is replacing the hardware.

Ability to work wherever, whenever, on whatever

In the past, any of these scenarios would have created an IT nightmare, making it impossible to enforce effective security or control interaction between personal and business work.

In fact, BYO represents an improvement for IT, allowing for a more streamlined approach. The greatest advantage of moving to a BYO model is that CIOs can finally free themselves from the losing battle of trying to own, secure and manage laptops and other mobile devices for an increasingly mobile and independent workforce.

By managing all desktops and applications centrally, and delivering them as an on-demand service, it no longer matters what device the employee uses or where they use it.

BYO schemes are an 'everybody-wins' proposition across the organisation - many employees already use personal computers for company work, and vice versa. This way, they can do so without all the security headaches, support issues and other complications that can arise.

Stuart Driver is director of IT Services, Asia Pacific, at Citrix Systems.



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