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BLOG: Changing times and the ‘new world manager’

Srinivasa Addepalli | Dec. 15, 2011
What new skills/capabilities will be required to be a new world manager and where will organisations find such people?


The Elusive New World Manager

Frankly, there are very few people who naturally exhibit all the five characteristics of a NWM. This August, Time magazine wrote about India's leading export -- her leaders as CEOs of global corporations. It is true that managers from emerging markets like India and Singapore have been exposed to multi-cultural environments and challenging situations that required them to break away from traditional norms. Investments in nurturing NWMs need to be made both at the national as well as the organisational level.

Nations like Singapore, with their conducive economic policies, investments in technology and entrepreneurship and strong educational system, are building the right foundations for NWMs to emerge. Organisations too can systematically invest in creating NWMs through a mix of training and career planning.

Young, high potential managers should be required to work in at least two or three different geographies and across a similar number of functional areas. Assessment of leadership potential should include the kind of characteristics described above; they are more difficult to measure than operating and financial results but organisations have no choice but adopt them.

Tata Communications' commitment to Singapore continues to strengthen, with EDB granting official headquarters status to Tata Communications in Singapore earlier this year. We also intend to utilise the potential of the workforce in Singapore and plan to increase our employee base by 60 percent.

The new world is upon us; can we find managers who can help our organisations navigate through these uncertain times?  


Srinivasa Addepalli is senior vice president for corporate strategy and communications, Tata Communications.



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