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BLOG: CIOs' cloud strategy must include public cloud

Bernard Golden | April 27, 2012
For all the apprehension they may bring, public clouds demand a position in the enterprise IT strategy. columnist Bernard Golden explains how CIOs and business leaders can make their peace with the public cloud, and how it's not incompatible with the much-revered private cloud.

Clearly, a solution based on taking a VMware image and running it through a conversion process is inadequate. The solution must be capable of taking software components and creating an appropriate image for any target environment. The common approach of creating virtual machine templates does not support this solution.

A third challenge reflects the facts of life for business units. One of the main reasons to use cloud computing is to support the need to more rapidly update applications. As business initiatives increasingly move to online offerings, the need to modify applications quickly to reflect offering updates, campaigns, new partnerships and other initiatives becomes crucial. The pace of application versioning must be much quicker than in the past and must support deployment choice.

Quite a set of challenges, no? Next week, I'll offer some guidelines for addressing them. As a sneak peek, don't be surprised if those guidelines include the term "DevOps."


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