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BLOG: Farewell, Apple. Hello Linux Mint!

Tom Henderson | April 18, 2012
That's right, I packed it in. My MacBook Pro is now on the shelf. In a while, it goes on Craigslist -- not because it's been obsoleted by the latest version of Mac OS -- Mountain Lion as mine will work okay (some MacBook Pros will not). Instead, there's a cushy comfort zone that's dangerous for a product reviewer to fall into.

Zimbra came first. I had to do the aforementioned IMAP transfers. When I tried to do them by folder, I got errors. Maybe it was the 15,000+ emails in some folders. I knew I was pushing it. I had to scrape portions of folders, a bit at a time. It took 11 hours, off and on. I have a lot of mail. It's all intact; I sampled each folder. It's all there.

Then there's the trick of associating the IMAP account with another one, and everything proceeded to populate itself as I attended the process occasionally. That took about four hours of clicking stuff occasionally, but no real work was done by me, just attending it. Zimbra is an open source product, but with closed source pieces available, sponsored as a project by VMware.

The docs were restored in to the Documents folder on the Lenovo. Music was transferred, but it's not as important as the rest of the stuff, so re-categorizing it will come later.

The pictures remain, but a sampling says that they ought to arrive correctly, and most of the duplications won't be made through a "do not overwrite" selection in gThumb. Because this is going to take a while, it'll have to be done in the future. The near future.

Day five: Config

Wallpaper. Timezones. Calendar importation. Contacts importation. CalDav is a standard that Apple follows; it worked well. There were various selections to make. Do you want it to behave like a Mac, or like Windows, or like Gnome, or what? I figured it out. There are files I need constantly. I put them where they belong.

It reminded me of moving. Boxes to unpack. Where's my favorite apple peeler? How about the VMs? Did they make it? Do they react to the different hardware? I was amazed: the virtual machines seemed to behave no differently, and in retrospect, they shouldn't behave differently.

Day six: Final evaluation

The Lenovo hardware uses a dual core AMD CPU, and it's known to be slower than the MacBook Pro. I knew that. But the Lenovo is much faster in many respects, including faster boots, suspends (the equivalent of "sleep" on the Mac) that are just as fast, and the file system seems to move quickly although I have only my own anecdotal evidence that it's going more quickly.

What's slower is anything having to do with graphics rendering. Firefox is the new browser in town, and it's not as good as Safari. I don't use Chrome. Firefox seems to become burdened after a point, slowing down, but doesn't flatly crash like Safari. Plug-ins seem to slow Firefox down considerably and I'm not sure why. I'm still investigating it.


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