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BLOG: Getting the better of the BYOD headache

Terry Smagh | Sept. 17, 2012
How CIOs can use BYOD policies to their advantage.

We're constantly hearing that employees want greater access to business tools and information, and, if they can harness this data properly, then the company will benefit from listening to more voices. We too often hear the terms 'big data' or 'data overload', but giving employees the ability to drill down into the masses of information that are available shouldn't daunt them. Supporting the 'consumerisation of IT' trend and allowing employee's access to data via their own devices should therefore be encouraged. Then they can work together to discover things about their organisation that they would never have thought possible before, and for the business to reduce risks, wastage, and perhaps even uncover a new business opportunity or market niche.

Yet, if these tools are to be successfully accessed and supported, it is crucial that businesses get the right balance between putting a massive onus on the IT department and giving employees the flexibility to use their own devices whenever they wish. There are browser-based tools available that can be connected to easily from any device, without causing the IT department a massive headache when a mass of employees show up on a Monday with their new gadgets.  

Terry Smagh is vice president, South East North Asia, QlikView.




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