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BLOG: Google and Motorola Mobility: Your questions answered

JR Raphael | Aug. 15, 2011
Google shocked most of the tech world Monday morning by announcing it had agreed to buy Motorola Mobility. That's right: The company that famously doesn't make hardware is now on its way to owning one of the most prominent makers of mobile devices.

Will Motorola's Motoblur skin go away now?

Hey, we can dream, right? Thus far, though, neither Google nor Motorola has commented on the future of Motoblur or whether Motorola phones will ultimately become stock Android devices. At this point, there's really no sign of anything like that occurring; Google repeatedly emphasized that Motorola would be run as a "separate business" and that everything would be "business as usual." Google also discussed the ongoing plans for its Nexus line of devices, which stand out from the pack because of their "pure" approach to the Android OS.

I could certainly see Google/Motorola starting to offer some stock devices in the future -- I really hope that'll be the case -- but I wouldn't count on Blur completely vanishing into the ether anytime soon.

What could the Google-Motorola Mobility deal mean for hardware outside of smartphones and tablets?

Why, I'm glad you asked: Google's Motorola Mobility buy could give it a much-needed leg up in the realm of home TV technology. While Google's Android-based Google TV platform has been off to a slow start so far, Motorola Mobility has a pretty significant set-top cable box business, and that has to count for something.

Only time will tell what exactly will come of the partnership in that area, but one would imagine that the opportunity won't go untapped.

Will Motorola change its name to Googorola?

No, although that would make a fine name for a fictional monster and/or health food product.

Got it. Speaking of food, can we have Ice Cream Sandwich already?

Soon enough, my friends -- soon enough. According to the latest (unofficial) intel, Google's Ice Cream Sandwich edition of Android could be here as early as October. One way or another, we should be tasting it before long: Google has always said it intends to ship ICS within the fourth quarter of the year.

I like ice cream.  



As do I. But that isn't a question, and it has nothing to do with the Google-Motorola deal, which is what we're actually discussing.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Um, okay. So no other real questions, then?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Right -- I think we're done here.


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