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BLOG: Google starts its Android photocopiers as Apple preps for Fall

Jonny Evans | July 1, 2013
Apple is getting ready to begin launch of a salvo of products this Fall, while Google starts its photocopiers all over again.

That 'thermonuclear' thing
I can't help but regard Google as a symbiotic parasite that exists on the side of the Internet, devouring user data while using that data to sell ads, irrespective of content. Everything it gives has a price.

Many Phandroids point to some of the last words of Apple's Steve Jobs. In the last few months of his life, Jobs was still reeling at what he saw as Google's traitorous behaviour when that company's then CEO, Eric Schmidt, left Apple's board shortly after an iOS-like Android was introduced. (And isn't the body language telling in the picture to the left?)

The dying technology leader was furious, he saw Android as a "stolen product." He swore Apple would go "thermonuclear" in order to prove this. He was incandescent to see his life's work trampled by a traitorous enemy. I'm sure I'd be angry, too, if, in my dying days, someone who had claimed to be my friend turned out to be my biggest foe. I'd probably indulge in a little trash talking myself. Given the vituperative nature of some Phandroid commenters, it seems likely many Google fans would be equally annoyed.

In context, news that Google is preparing to compete with Apple's rumoured Apple television and iWatch devices isn't such a surprise. It's just more of the same from a firm that only cares about itself.

Anybody in the tech industry should look to Google and feel confident that, should it succeed in devouring Apple's business, it will then move on to devour any other profitable enterprise with the 'Net at its core.

In other words, today Google's Android-driven photocopier army marches on Cupertino. Tomorrow that army will march on you.


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