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BLOG: Is Apple destroying the Internet?

Scott Bradner | April 17, 2012
When The Guardian recently interviewed Google co-founder Sergey Brin as a teaser for its weeklong series of articles about the "Battle for the Internet," the publication got a good headline out of it: "Google's Brin: threats to web freedom 'greater then ever.'"

While, as a purist, I'd like to see more ability to create and load applications on iOS devices, it only takes a quick glance at the Android world to see how messy that can quickly get. What I really want to see is an iPad-like device that runs OS X but can also run all the iOS applications. Maybe a MacBook Air with a fold-over screen so it could be used both ways. That combination is one that should worry Brin, but not for Internet openness reasons.

Disclaimer: Harvard is generally not seen as an institution that worries all that much, at least about how people perceive it, so the above commentary is mine, not the university's.


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