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BLOG: Now the developer is king

Eric Knorr | July 2, 2013
So say the kingmakers and market forces that are driving some kingly wages, even as the glamor of simply 'working in IT' has evaporated.

Now, I happen to believe that enterprise architecture still matters, and that spaghetti hazards lurk in building out in every direction at once according to every business whim. At some point, the pendulum will swing back, and people will rediscover that best practices regarding integration and security and business process have value after all.

But by then it will be too late for the graybeards. Integration and identity management will move to the cloud — they're already headed there. Business process will be reinvented, just as it was during the re-engineering and SOA days. No doubt huge mistakes made during the developer boom time will be uncovered and regretted, and corrections may be painful, but less so than in previous eras.

That's because we're entering an age of assumed computational abundance and virtual and cloud everything, where less stands in the way of recoding to get it right — and then moving on to the next frontier. Yes, I find the youthful arrogance of the new king annoying sometimes, but thisenfant terrible is likely to reign well into middle age.


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