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BLOG: Slick, sick nation-state espionage malware The Mask: Mother of future cyber weapons?

Darlene Storm | Feb. 13, 2014
If you don’t know about the newly discovered nation-state espionage malware “The Mask” yet, you will, as some security experts expect it’s the mother model of future cyber weapons for advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns.

Kaspersky put this APT operation “above Duqu in terms of sophistication, making it one of the most advanced threats at the moment.” Then at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2014, Costin Raiu, head of the Global Research Analysis Team at Kaspersky, added, “These guys are better than the Flame APT group because of the way that they managed their infrastructure. The speed and professionalism is beyond that of Flame or anything else that we’ve seen so far.”

This led other security experts to declare it’s the mother of future cyber weapons. For example, Tatu Ylonen, chief executive of SSH Communications Security, told CSO, "It will serve as a model for new cyber-weapon developers worldwide. Future viruses and cyber-weapons will share many of its features."

Hopefully, this wasn't too technical as that tends to glaze over the eyes and lose people who don't live-and-breathe security news. If you want the technical guts of The Mask, then you really should read Kaspersky's analysis "Unveiling 'Careto' - The Masked APT".

Source: Computerworld


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