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BLOG: The Android 'un-PC' is no real threat to the PC

TSerdar Yegulalp | Jan. 7, 2014
Flood of Android notebooks and even desktops at CES 2014 bode well for Android, but they still can't replace a full-featured PC

It's not as if these items have no future, if you ask me. There's enough of a market for what I call "undemanding computing" — the folks who just need to check email or watch video — to make Android and Chrome OS all-in-ones a good proposition for a certain slice of the market.

But what's harder to justify is whether or not the majority of such people would rather spend as much, or more, and knowingly get less. That's become doubly true as we see less and less of a real price difference between Android or Chrome OS machines and full-blown Windows PCs of all sizes and shapes. And it isn't as if no PCs are making their debut at CES; all of the above manufacturers are also introducing conventional Windows-powered systems in various configurations as well.

What we're seeing is less the end of the PC and more the broadening of the PC to include choices we didn't have before. It still remains to be seen, though, if most people would consciously choose less when given these options.


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