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BLOG: The future is open

Jim Whitehurst | April 25, 2012
Open source is the answer to 21st century computing demands.

The future of virtualisation, Java and the cloud will depend on open, collaborative practices with no hidden vendor lock-in and expenses. Proprietary software is the strategy of the old guard and a relic of 20th century computing.

The strained economy last year gave enterprises an opportunity to take a close look at their technology. Open source levelled the playing field by offering cost savings, greater efficiency and flexibility. Now it's becoming a top choice as more organisations are seeking alternatives to proprietary software. 

We're sub-optimising wealth in our society today if we don't unlock information. Information becomes more valuable when shared. We need to build business models that are built not around giving something away for free, but giving something freedom.

Conclusion: Solving the problems of the 21st century

Ultimately, it's not all about dollars and cents, nor is it about software. Using the principles of the open source way, we can lower the barriers to innovation to help solve some of the world's toughest problems.

Open source and its principles are changing how we look at business, law, education, government, and life. The story is about more than just technology, and it belongs to all of us.  

Jim Whitehurst is president & chief executive officer, Red Hat.



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