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BLOG: The Macalope: The fine art of trolling

The Macalope | April 24, 2013
The Macalope locks horns with one of his oldest foes, in an attempt to uncover whether one can tell the difference between ignorance and willful trolling.

The answer is, of course, because Johnson lost actual revenue. Cook has done nothing but gain revenue for Apple.

Steve Jobs was an iconic leader but he wasn't known for sharing and was deathly afraid of someone being hired to replace him. He almost was fired again in the early 2000s for messing with his stock options ...

Enderle has no basis for either that accusation or the amateur psychoanalysis. He saves his fact-based arguments for his clients, and apparently there aren't enough facts left over for his Apple analysis.

Enderle says that the problem with Tim Cook (don't throw your back out with this armchair quarterbacking, Rob) is that he doesn't understand "that selling a premium product in stores like Walmart will destroy that premium value." Which explains why Apple doesn't sell that many iPhones.

Duhhh ...

Look, Apple has already explained why it sells its products through the giant retail chain: Walmart has retail stores in a lot of places where Apple doesn't. It's a simple solution, and boy does it work. This is the ridiculous thing about the current "problem" with Apple. The company sells more and more products every day, but for some reason Wall Street remains bearish on its outlook. Jerks like Rob like to pretend that the company has some kind of problem with its fundamentals, but it doesn't.

Maybe Apple will release a bad quarterly report on Tuesday, but you can't indict Tim Cook on one bad quarter--especially when Steve Jobs had plenty of his own. Enderle knows this. He can read an income statement. He's just playing for his home team.


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