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BLOG: Which is real - our online or offline identity?

AvantiKumar | June 21, 2011
Not only are ‘glory’ days of hiding behind different online identities online over but the online world seems to be different for each user.

Clearly our online tools still provide us with some measure of opportunity during our work and play to discover who we are and more importantly what we think of ourselves. Everyone who has played with an internet-capable device has spent some time playing in various chat rooms, written blogs, or Tweeted. "The imperative to self-knowledge has always been at the heart of philosophical inquiry," said Turkle. Though that may go some way to explaining why some prominent people - such as US politicos - may go to the lengths of Tweeting pictures of their private parts, it still leaves a lot of questions. We are in a chick and egg situation here: is the online world just one big identity laboratory? 

 The answers you come up for your own relationship to information technologies highlight your own personality in action and could be the subject of your own book. The new street definition of sanity could be someone who can clearly differentiate between their online and their real-world personality. Or should we just cancel our social media accounts and get back to work?

AvantiKumar, Editor, Computerworld Malaysia & Malaysia Country Correspondent for Fairfax Tech Channels


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