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Channel that money, fast!

AvantiKumar | March 16, 2009
Industry reactions to Malaysias US$16.2 billion stimulus package

The announcement of the increased stimuli in this area shows that the government is keeping a tight rein of new target for 50 per cent penetration in household broadband by 2010, adds Chang.

Information infrastructure crucial

Intel Malaysias country manager, Ryaz Patel, also strongly believes that information infrastructure is crucial for raising Malaysias national productivity and competitive advantage in the global economy. In the mini budget, Intel Malaysia had hoped the government would capitalise on the opportunity to invest in information infrastructure in ways that would advance its economy to emerge stronger beyond the present crisis.

Patel praises the governments decision to improve telecommunications infrastructure, including Broadband Libraries, Broadband Community Centres, as well as the provision of basic telephony services in 89 districts in rural areas.

However, Intel Malaysia wishes to see more incentives for school students, households and SMEs to be connected to the Internet via their own broadband-enabled computers. Countries investing in individual and household broadband access, through a downturn, as seen in developed countries, emerge more competitive, as the population and its businesses become more connected and informed.

In addition, Ciscos Abraham reminds us that even in times of economic downturn, key issues such as global warming and carbon emissions still deserve attention.

She points out: Green technology was briefly mentioned in the stimulus package but there were no specifics on how the government intends to drive adoption.

All those I spoke to agree on one final point: it is critical that the stimulus package is channelled fast and used to drive the overall economy so that impact of the recession is reduced. This should raise confidence levels among consumers and key sectors, improve spending in general.

AvantiKumar is the Malaysia correspondent for Fairfax tech brands and deputy editor of Computerworld Malaysia.  


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