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Community service: Asking Apple to ditch its competitive advantages

The Macalope | Aug. 5, 2015
Was Apple convicted of spray painting someone's garage door or vandalizing a skate park or skateboarding in a non-skate park? The Macalope's just trying to figure out why some people think it should have to do community service.

If my iPhone doesn't play nicely with Windows 10, then that's one less thing that's special about the iPhone.

And one more thing that's special about the Mac. If the iPhone is so un-special then maybe you should get a Window Phohahahahahaha oh, god, sorry! The Macalope thought he could say that with a straight face but nope!

It's a hypothetical risk, to be sure...

Killer bees can attack at any time. Better to always wear the bee suit. Sleep in it, in fact.

The bees. The bees.

By releasing a bunch of its best software for Windows, Apple could make a lot of users very, very happy.

Windows 10 users.

You know what Apple should do? Make a Mac to Windows 10 conversion utility. You know, to make Windows 10 users happy.

[Sings the Banana Splits theme song]

It probably wouldn't cost Apple very much...

Maybe. Heck if I know. Not my problem. Why isn't Apple doing it already?

...and it might help the company keep a stronger grip on its smartphone market share.

At the expense of its PC market share, which is actually growing long after the PC wars have been said to be over.

You know what Apple should do? None of this. That's what Apple should do.


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