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Connections to take center stage in 2015

Tricia Png, Director of Asia, Silver Peak | Jan. 8, 2015
Silver Peak predicts that 2015 will see fundamental changes across the IT industry, driven by users’ demand for faster, efficient and flexible connections.

9.    Over-the-top WANs - In the consumer world, net-neutrality has everyone believing it is inevitable that over-the-top video delivery will obsolete captive video delivery. Companies have been delivering content, such as movies, without owning the network.

In a similar way, leading enterprises are realizing that SD-WAN technology can level the playing field for enterprises building corporate networks. SD-WAN got people rethinking the way they can build a WAN — such as building a virtual WAN over-the-top (OTT) of a physical infrastructure without owing physical infrastructure.

In 2015, the increased delivery of OTT WAN services would serve as an indicator for the uptake of SD-WAN.

10. Cloud intelligence required for overcoming Internet Weather - As more enterprises adopt IaaS, SaaS, and take advantage of the Internet to augment or replace WANs, there is an emerging requirement to understand Internet weather conditions. Think 'Waze' for the enterprise Internet.

Overall, the Internet is incredible — it performs its functions day in and out. But the Internet is also susceptible to weather conditions: there are certain times when sites become unavailable and bandwidth for certain passes becomes constricted.

Enterprises of tomorrow have to adapt and react to conditions to remain at their peak. Which is why new solutions — that can monitor Internet weather and leverage aggregated measurements across many enterprises to provide superior intelligence for navigating the Internet — will take center stage in 2015.


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