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Emerging approach towards content security

Anshuman Singh, Director, Product Management of Application Security, Barracuda Networks | Nov. 18, 2014
Anshuman Singh, the Director for Product Management of Application Security at Barracuda Networks, discusses what companies should do to address concerns on cloud content security and the cloud computing trends in Asia region.

Taking a cohesive approach - cloud augmented security

Rather than regarding the ubiquity of the cloud merely as a challenge to security efforts, the emerging approaches to security regards it as an opportunity. Solutions that offload high CPU intensive aspects of content filtering tasks to the cloud represent the most effective new approach to have emerged in response to the changing security landscape. By combining the integrated capabilities of a true next-generation firewall with the elastic, and practically unlimited, computing resources of the cloud, these solutions allow comprehensive, always-up-to-date content filtering of very large traffic volumes without introducing latency to the system. In addition, they promise to keep user costs low and predictable, and to improve overall business continuity and productivity

With effectively unlimited resources in the cloud, and the ability to dynamically provision resources as needed in real time, this approach also eliminates the cost and inefficiency of overprovisioning compute resources locally, as traditional UTMs require. Another significant benefit of using cloud-based resources for content filtering is that as new threat categories are identified, there is no need to upgrade or replace on-premises equipment-firmware upgrades are applied automatically and transparently, ensuring the network is fully protected with no interruptions.

Because there is no on-network congestion due to content filtering, connectivity to business-critical applications hosted in the cloud is not affected. And with a next-generation firewall core that includes capabilities to aggregate multiple uplinks and prioritize traffic based on business policies, it can dramatically increase the reliability of those connections, improving business continuity and reducing downtime.

Up ahead

Although cloud is still in the formative years of all-pervasive approval, it would be right to say that it has made a significant headway in the industry already. The cloud is making network boundaries and on and off network traffic seamless. Data is becoming more and more critical to any business and security solutions need to evolve to allow secure access to it without creating bottlenecks. Solutions that offload content filtering tasks to the cloud offer a new approach in response to the changing security landscape. In addition, they promise to keep user costs low and predictable, and to improve overall business continuity and productivity. As we advance, the coming years will witness further evolution of agile and interoperable cloud based approach that address the security challenges of the modern days.

There is a lot of momentum being built by the vendors offering cloud platforms with investments going in form of in-region data centers and other support offering. This is in response to country specific cyber security laws that various organizations have to follow.

Some economies like Japan, ANZ, and Singapore are already making progress in the adoption of cloud solutions while other regions are yet to make significant moves.


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