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Enterprise security for our mobile-first, cloud-first world

Pierre Noel, Chief Security Officer and Advisor, Microsoft Asia; and CommunicAsia2016 Summit speaker | March 28, 2016
Pierre Noel, Chief Security Officer and Advisor, Microsoft Asia, shares his thoughts on threats in the cyber world.

A new approach to cyber security

Ultimately, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted just last November, the digital world we live in today requires a new approach to how we protect, detect and respond to security threats. Companies must evolve from a simple, "protect and recover" model to a more holistic protect, detect and respond posture that utilises real-time insights and predictive intelligence across networks to stay ahead of threats.

The current wave of cybersecurity evolution is centred around collecting actionable intelligence to remain ahead of threats. Attacks such as ransomware are targeted and follow certain patterns. Malware for example, tends to morph rapidly. To stay ahead of these threats, we need to make full use of the cloud to collect and analyse such information that will tell us what to expect, and where to expect it.

At the same time, it is also critical for companies to strengthen their core security hygiene; adopt modern platforms and comprehensive identity, security and management solutions; and leverage features offered within cloud services. It is just as important to create education and awareness across employee populations in order to build and sustain a pervasive security culture.

While organisations across the region are in various states of readiness with regards to cybersecurity, I remain optimistic as we see more organisations, government and non-governmental companies alike, making cybersecurity a priority and cooperating closely to ensure cyber threats are identified and dealt with quickly.


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