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How online retailers can avoid a downtime nightmare

Jan-Jaap Jager, Vice President, APAC and Emerging Markets, Acronis | June 3, 2015
More money than ever is being spent online and big brands need to make sure they're open for business online 24/7. This means bolstering the backend IT to keep systems and websites up and running.

Building a robust backup capability

This capability starts with a strong server backup and recovery system in place that can restore systems quickly and get operations up and running again. To ramp up your system in time for the rush of holiday shoppers, focus on finding solutions with the following benefits:

  • Freedom to choose. When you choose a backup and recovery solution, don't get locked into something that only caters to a single type of hardware, operating system or virtual machine. Find something that gives you the flexibility to work with multiple types of technologies, and evolve as the technologies do. Otherwise you may be forced to manage multiple backup solutions just to cater to different types of hardware that's used within your company. Don't waste time and money investing in multiple products, find one that caters to all your needs - present and future.
  • A cure for complexity. To simplify the backup process, look to use the same backup solutions and policies for all your physical and virtual machines. This type of strategy will simplify data management, lower the likelihood of human error, and free up more time for you to focus on keeping your data protected. A comprehensive solution also helps free you from the risk of a complex patchwork of point solutions.
  • Good recovery speed. During holiday shopping season, minutes of downtime could mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales. New technology innovations like Disk Image Backup (which takes a snapshot of your entire system) enable you to recover servers with much more speed and frequency than the traditional methods companies relied on - up to 100 times faster. These image-based solutions allow you to backup and restore your entire system all at once, instead of using a file-based solution where you must backup individual files one by one. With the ability to quickly recover entire servers, IT departments can ensure their machines (and their critical ecommerce websites) have current and reliable backups available to restore the website quickly in case downtime hits.
  • Any-to-any recovery and complete portability. Today, you need to be able to recover data to and from any platform so when a system goes down, you're able to run your websites and applications on any combination of available, working platforms. Look for a backup and disaster recovery solution that allows you to not just recover data but also migrate it to any system, whether it be a virtual or physical machine. This way you always have a quick and easy way out in a crunch.
  • Easy migration. If downtime occurs, you'll need to quickly migrate all your data and applications to a working server to get your site back up and running. It's essential to find a solution that let's you migrate, without suffering any data loss.


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