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If you're carrying Bitcoins the TSA will get you

Mark Gibbs | March 6, 2014
Yep, the TSA really don't understand Bitcoin

As you're probably aware, lots of people are interested in the virtual currency Bitcoin. There are people mining Bitcoins (some using other people's computers), people wondering where their Bitcoins have gone, and then there's the TSA. 

I am not making this up: The Transportation Security Administration appears to have recently tasked their agents to look for travelers carrying Bitcoins on the off-chance that they could be taking more than the $10,000 limit on international flights. The sheer "not getting it"-ness of this is impressive.

For a sobering account of what it's like to be hassled by the TSA due to being suspected of "carrying" Bitcoins see "The TSA is looking for Bitcoin" by Davi Barker wherein our hero (wearing a Bitcoin Not Bombs hoodie "which features an image of a B17 bomber dropping Bitcoin from its bomb bay doors") was "questioned by two supervisors ... because they said they "saw" Bitcoin in my bag."

While Davi obviously made himself a target, the weird hassling he experienced and profound lack of understanding shown by the TSA agents underlines the dangerous bureaucratic mess that the TSA has become.

Source: Network World


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