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Microsoft gets smart to the 'dual user' -- and to reality

J. Peter Bruzzese | Aug. 5, 2014
CEO Satya Nadella gets how the world has changed and how Microsoft needs to fit in the new tech landscape.

Nadella's focus on the dual user is key to making these pieces deliver a strong Microsoft. But that strategy also reveals that Microsoft's can't necessarily control its success: People have become entrenched with their personal device choices. We've seen in the past five years as the BYOD phenomenon where users brought "non-enterprise" devices like the iPhone and iPad into work,even Macs in some cases. That's a big change from the way things worked even a decade ago: You got a company device, and that was that.

With BYOD allowing for iPads, iPhones, Macs, and Android devices, we've seen a blurring of the personal/corporate lines. Not only that, it's become somewhat of a religious war for those who have been able to use their personal devices for work: They're not going back to the old orthodoxy. These battle lines may be permanently drawn.

Nevertheless, Nadella seems eager to reboot the company, saying "nothing is off the table" and "tired traditions will be questioned," and promising that Microsoft will "obsess over our customers." Only time will tell if Microsoft's actions will back up Nadella's words. But I am excited to see what Microsoft will look like one year from today.

Source: InfoWorld


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