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Mobility is on the precipice of radically changing enterprise IT as we know it

Linda Musthaler | Jan. 20, 2015
If your organisation isn't already on the mobility bandwagon, you are falling behind the curve of increased productivity and innovation.

Privacy will drive companies away from device VPNs to enterprise application tunnels. If there is a business application on a person's own smart phone, that application will need secure connectivity at the application level, not the device level. Access control must take into account the user and what he wants to do within the context of the posture and location of the device, the time of day, etc. For example, it's OK if the sales guy for the Midwest territory wants access to a business app, but not if the person identifying himself as this sales guy is using his mobile phone from some foreign country in the middle of the night.

I've only scratched the surface on Rege's conceptualization of how mobility is already radically changing IT as we know it. It's his belief that companies have to shift in this direction because mobility unlocks human potential in the workplace. It lets people do things they couldn't do before, and isn't this the very definition of innovation?

Source: Network World


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