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Racing ahead with proper planning tools

Samir Neji, Managing Director, Anaplan Asia Pacific | Sept. 18, 2015
Cloud computing offers real-time insights to inventory data because it is stored on an integrated platform and is accessible by anyone at any time.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, offers real-time insights to inventory data. Because data is stored on an integrated platform and is accessible by anyone at any time, employees find themselves — literally and metaphorically — on the same page. This makes collaboration a breeze for the team and evokes a shared sense of accountability for the results they jointly produce. The on-demand resources of the cloud also enables retailers to cost-effectively manage and process data volumes that were previously unimaginable, giving them visibility, clarity and real-time currency in their demand planning efforts.

When navigating tight corners, F1 drivers only have milliseconds to react. In a fleeting moment, the driver needs to decide when to apply the brakes, when to switch gears and how much swirl to give his wheel. A moment's hesitation can result in horrific accidents.

Likewise, in an increasingly volatile business landscape, the timing and speed at which decisions are made is crucial. Staying on top of the trends and forecasting for tomorrow with complete clarity is paramount to maintaining a competitive advantage. Peaks in businesses around sporting events are recurring phenomena, so it is essential for businesses to be prepared — and there's no excuse not to with the planning tools available today.


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