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Seen and Heard 16: MIS Asia IT Excellence Awards

Jack Loo | May 12, 2010
As the nomination deadline (1 June) for the MIS Asia IT Excellence Awards draws near, heres a preview as part of a three-part series. Today, the focus is on a special group of seven companies that have won at least twice.

IT Excellence AwardsSince 2003, the annual MIS Asia IT Excellence Awards have recognised organisations and their IT projects for the original and creative use of technology to help attain business goals.

Fifty-nine companies from a wide variety of verticals and across the Asia Pacific have won, while seven have managed to win more than once.

These prestigious seven are Malaysian bank CIMB, Hong Kong Jockey Club, National University of Singapore, Singapore-based health agency Singhealth and OCBC bank, as well as Singapore government bodies Ministry of Education and Housing Development Board.

CIMB and Hong Kong Jockey Club are an exclusive duo, with each winning three times.

Hong Kong Jockey Club was a winner at the inaugural awards in 2003, then took home the trophy in the same category, Best Business Enabler, in 2006 and 2007.

Interestingly for CIMB, the bank achieved a feat that has since not been repeatedwinning Best Change Management in 2006, then Best Business Enabler in 2007, and Best Knowledge Management in 2008.

Speaking of categories, there are six. Best Change Management seeks IT teams that have developed a comprehensive change management strategy that covers both staff and business processes.

Best IT Governance looks for IT teams that value the contribution of technology to corporate governance, creating frameworks that track the value of IT and assign decision-making rights to employees.

Best Security Strategy is for IT teams with sound security enforcement policies as well as an ability to innovate in managing security risks and reducing the workload associated with patching servers and desktops.

Best Business Enabler recognises IT teams that have boosted the ability of an organisation to disseminate information internally and exchange it with their partners, creating new revenue streams and improving customer service.

Best Knowledge Management rewards IT teams that have successfully created a culture conducive to the sharing of knowledge and a system for fostering and securing their employees' best ideas.

Best Bottom-line IT looks for IT teams that have used consolidation or shared services to help their organisation cut operating costs and that have raised profit margins through dynamic pricing techniques, creative merchandise displays, mining customer data or streamlining supply chains.

So who will be winning the six awards this year? Someone from the select seven to extend their winning sequence, or will we see a new face on the winners list?


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