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Seen and heard #4

Jack Loo | Aug. 28, 2009
A science fiction flick on racism and recent happenings at entertainment gambling hub Resorts World complete this week

1) Depending on how one looks at it, Singapores Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) senior vice president of information technology Yap Chee Yuen might be one of the few CIOs who has a lot of time on his hands. Outsourcing deals with folks such as Cisco, Singapore Technologies Engineering, Lenovo, Alcatel-Lucent and IBM have been announced one after another over the past 12 months.

But it could also mean that there is just as much work to be done by having to manage these vendors.

An Accenture consultant once shared the tale of a Japanese bank IT department that outsourced so much that its vendors actually drove the direction of the IT and ended up pulling things all over.

However, if anyone can steer a large IT function with so much outsourcing, it can only be people such as Yap.

2) Technology tome WIRED has been showing lots of love for sci-fi movie District 9.

The film opened in Singapore cinemas last week. The story of the film is set in South Africa and tells how a group of aliens have been stranded on Earth for years in a refugee camp called District 9.

Shot documentary-style, viewers follow an executive who has been tasked to head his organisation, a shadowy conglomerate with greedy designs on alien technology, to forcibly move the refugees into another camp.

Basically, the movie is a cautionary tale of racism and greed. The show serves as a lesson to over-confident execs who think they understand the people or land they are working with.

Then again, in real life, one doesnt get disintegrated into bits by an alien death ray for being self-centred.


A staff writer with Fairfax Business Media, Jack Loo is a full-time web and magazine reading addict, from to webmonkey and monocle. 


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