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Selling yourself online

Jack Loo | Jan. 23, 2009
Are advertisers just jumping onto the bandwagon?

Everyone, from primary school kids to retirees, is spending their lives online these days. Thanks to the Internet, advertisers and media agencies are looking to cash on the situation.

And this is not just limited to Singapore but happening all over the world. One year down the road, this could mean that the websites that one visits will be cluttered with an endless variety of marketing messages.

While the study has the numbers to prove why online advertising is the preferred medium, but is it a case of everyone jumping onto the bandwagon?

From the early 1990s, companies worldwide moved into China to set up a variety of operations, including manufacturing. But today these same companies are moving out, some wanting to maintain the quality of workmanship, others choosing to reduce costs.

China lesson

The China lesson can be an example of how businesses should look carefully at what to do and not to do before venturing into new grounds, and in this case, the Internet.

Online newspapers and magazines need to consider how advertising space might affect the aesthetic feel of their sites. Advertisers and media agencies, as well as the software developer writing up the advertisement, need to look at how their work will please, and not irritate, the reader.

There is a whole lot more to do, but the most important thing is to pause briefly, study in detail and move into the online world.

A staff writer with Fairfax Business Media, Jack Loo is a full-time web and magazine reading addict, from to webmonkey and monocle.


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