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Should Asia be App-rehensive?

Kayvan Alikihani, Senior Director of Technology, RSA | July 15, 2014
We are indirectly setting ourselves up for security breaches because of our reliance on mobile phones and from the way we have been using them.

Guidelines can only do so much to regulate and set boundaries but fundamentally, ownership and responsibility of security should lie with the individual. Here is APP - three steps you can take to lower the risk of downloading malicious apps:

Anti-virus software

  • Download mobile anti-virus software to your phone


  • Use stronger passwords to protect apps on your phone  


  • You should be aware if the app requests for excessive privileges at install. Review the reputation of the app i.e. ratings in other app stores and only download from reputable sources, such as one or more designated app stores.

It is important for Asia to take a lead in pushing for mobile app security since it leads both the consumption and development of mobile apps. Apart from being the most revenue generating region for mobile apps, research have shown that Asia is also leading in mobile apps development with 46%[4] more app developers focused on mobile than the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

The integration with enterprise will also go from strength to strength. Reception towards enterprise mobile apps has been relatively conservative in the last two years as they are commonly used on trial on smaller business functions or departments (such as IT, finance and HR), before being introduced company-wide. We can expect the deployment of the enterprise mobile apps to be more exhaustive as more apps will be developed for both internal usage and external purposes such as for customer interactions.

We are seeing a greater momentum surrounding the discussion and emphasis around mobile app security, but this is still at the infancy stage.  The good news is mobile user experience need not be compromised with security measures. Like cybercriminals, who are consistently thinking on how to capitalize on trend, we need to be ahead and tackle mobile security from an intelligence driven approach by drawing from a broad set of information.

Kayvan will be presenting at this year's RSA Conference APJ from 22nd - 23rd July 2014. His track, "Split and Conquer: Don't Put All Your Keys in One Basket" will be on 22 July 2014, 4.15pm at Peony Room 4505 on level 4 at Marina Bay Sands. He will be sharing on the challenges and recommended approach for building mobile security solutions.








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