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Six tech tips on how to travel light

Eugenio Ferrante | April 10, 2014
Heading out of town on a business trip? Or taking a well-deserved break in a distant land, and just want to be sure that you have the right tech tools in the event of a workplace emergency?

Get a new laptop bag

Still toting an ancient laptop bag that weighs a ton even without the laptop? Newer laptop bags deliver lightweight protection with the strategic use of padded interior pockets and modern materials such as neoprene. What's more, they look better and are available in designs ranging from the usual sling bag designs to slim line haversacks, or convenient backpacks (the leather ones can be quite classy, and be used in business meetings all the time).  Make sure you have plenty of pockets, to store an emergency credit card and ATM card, as well as multiple currencies if you travel often to the same countries.

Repack your wallet

Finally, it may be a good idea to sort through the contents of your wallet or purse before heading out for your trip. While paying by card is certainly convenient, you probably don't need 10 different credit cards and won't be able to use your Nets ATM cards and loyalty cards issued by local retailers, anyway.  Don't waste space and weight for your frequent traveler cards (just make sure you have a file with all of them - again certain applications like TripIt or Apple's Passbook can help you organize these).

Eugenio Ferrante is the general manager, Cross-Platforms Solutions, Parallels Asia Pacific




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