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Sure disaster: How not to do the Internet of things

Paul Venezia | April 29, 2014
Network security shouldn't be a lowest-common-denominator game played by inexperienced manufacturers.

The whole setup was ludicrous. It was an example of an organization with much experience in one industry trying to bolt on dangerously insecure and mystifyingly incomplete technology from another. It is truly frightening.

So it will be with many "things" in the Internet of things. Companies that have little to no experience with anything requiring an IP stack will pump out products that will be built in bizarre ways, will do bizarre things, and will be blithely used by people who have no reason to know better.

It's bad enough that nontechies have to worry about securing their own Wi-Fi networks with purpose-built access points and firewalls. Now they have to worry that a security flaw in their microwave's Wi-Fi implementation will let anyone in range jump on their network with no credentials.

Anyone who's sitting in "tech" meetings right now, discussing how best to strap an IP stack on a "thing" that has never had one before -- I implore you to seek out companies that build these goods for a living, and don't try to build your own right away. The world will thank you for it.

Source: InfoWorld


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