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Tackling the costs of mobile computing

Freddy Fam, APAC Product Marketing, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility | June 11, 2015
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s Freddy Fam, APAC Product Marketing talks about considerations for Philippines business owners when assessing the total cost of ownership of mobile computers in enterprise.

DMS can keep track of a company's investment in mobile devices by allowing real time visibility of mobile devices' status and availability. If a device is unavailable for an extended period of time, the DMS alerts IT staff. By comparing devices with a list of pre-determined properties and settings, the DMS can monitor and control which devices have components that need to be updated.

DMS can also help maximise productivity by keeping software applications running and in optimal working condition. Updates, upgrades and other maintenance can be automatically pushed out to users by device management software without interrupting work.

As companies embrace mobile technologies, the need to contain costs while supporting an expanded base of users and devices becomes a sizable challenge. Choosing the correct mobile devices and employing management technology such as DMS can make a big contribution towards extending the life and usability of mobile devices, as well as lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

The Right Mobile Computer for the Right Job

Many mobile computers can quickly be ruled out from consideration because they lack the battery power to last the length of a shift, or lack the staying power to remain reliable throughout a three-to-five year life cycle. Features like rugged construction, well supported operating systems, remote management support and flexible peripherals provide value by protecting Philippine businesses from having to replace their mobile computers prematurely. By understanding how these features differentiate devices, and by carefully considering the environment in which mobile computers will be used, Philippine businesses will be able to determine the device that will provide the most value.


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