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Telecommunications and the digital experience platform

Robert Merlicek, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific and Japan, TIBCO | Oct. 25, 2017
Digitisation is profoundly changing the competitive boundaries of the telecom industry.

At the same time, the amount of data being generated by consumers through their mobile devices present a huge opportunity to understand their customers, improve operations and revolutionise the telco experience.

As millions of terabytes of digital information flow daily, capitalising on the value from big data can provide operators with the ability to access and integrate information from different customer and operational data sources and cover multiple services - from phone lines, broadband packages and other smart devices and streaming television offerings.

 Urgent need to leverage on data


Telcos have the huge advantage of already holding a large customer base, the infrastructure in place and of being trusted. What they are not doing is capitalizing on this existing trust by providing predictable and consistent customer interaction through all channels, transparently and securely.

Greater simplicity brought to the development and deployment of data analytics applications delivers insights at the moment of critical customer and employee decisions, enabling the accessible and continuous decision making needed to meet the expectations of the digital user.

Beyond that, these operators also have the capital to engage in data mining and predictive analytics to truly harness the power of the data being generated by their customers. With such data visualization, telcos are able to segment and identify different consumer profiles - empowering omni-channel engagement with customers.

To successfully execute an omni-channel strategy, operators need to evolve to become full service providers of the digital experience.  How are they to do this?

Data analytics need to be developed and deployed to provide actionable insights at the very moment of critical customer and employee decisions, enabling seamless decision-making that meets the customer's expectations.

Deploying analytics that facilitate such a 360-degree view will be key to driving innovation and maintaining a competitive advantage, enabling operators to exploit the split-second opportunity to up- or cross-sell or identify the risk of customer defection. Such predictive analytics will sit alongside fraud detection that uses historic data to identify risky or abnormal behaviour exhibited by transactions, clients or suppliers.

This advanced and practical application of analytics works with live profiling of behaviour, real-time personalisation and closed loop monitoring, delivering to telco players a powerful, integrated and scaleable proposition for the digital experience platform, on which future offerings can be made to satisfied customers, newly loyal to the provider of their seamless telecom services.

Improving customer care


Identifying the potential for digital improvement in customer service, Reliance Jio has built a world-class ecosystem comprising of network, devices, applications and content, service experience, to become the most comprehensive provider of telecom and internet services across India. With a high-complexity integration solution, Reliance Jio has enabled broad interconnections among systems and people, augmenting intelligence for unprecedented understanding and the ability to act quickly to customers' needs.


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