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The Macalope Daily: Hissy fit du jour

The Macalope | Sept. 17, 2012
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Another day, another way Apple has angered members of the technology punditrocracy with the company's brazen something or other.

Ready thee thine fainting couch, because Salon's Andrew Leonard is here to tell the harrowing tale of "Apple's enormous insult" (tip o' the antlers to Mathew Panzarino)!

Oooh, what could it be?! Is it offensively wealthy white, male executives? Poor working conditions in the factories of its Chinese suppliers? The cockfighting ring Eddie Cue runs behind the dumpsters outside of Caffe Macs?

No! Something far more insidious. Adaptergate.

A hotly contested presidential election hits the stretch run, a deadly foreign policy crisis breaks out in the Arab world, new census figures prove that the richest Americans are still gaining on everyone else... and yet one of the most alarming stories of the week (judging by my perhaps unbalanced Twitter feed) appears to be the news that Apple's iPhone 5 will come with a brand new dock connector.

Is that a joke? Wait, it can't be a joke, because it's not funny.

Salon and Slate are often considered competing online magazines, but in their outrage at Apple's "enormous insult" Leonard is in full agreement with Slate's Farhad Manjoo.

Yes, Farhad, I agree, that is indeed "the definition of being unfriendly to your customers."

Huh. When the Macalope opens his dictionary to "unfriendly to your customers" he sees a picture of Android and Windows Phone OEMs not providing operating system upgrades. He must have a different edition than Manjoo and Leonard.

Apple's move is an insult on at least two levels: in these tough times, we can't afford to add adapters to all our existing Apple chargers and related devices.

Let's get this straight. Being asked to buy a $29 adapter is an "enormous insult" to someone who already has an iPhone 4S but wants to buy an iPhone 5 and use it with his third-party radio dock? You don't see the obvious disconnect in that argument? "I am so privileged that I can buy a new phone every year but not so privileged that I can afford $29."

Well, that is a unique situation.

Perhaps even more disappointingly, who among us isn't affronted by the thought of an ugly adapter clashing with Apple's sublime design aesthetic?

So, we've gone from "People have no money!" to "People are really concerned about aesthetics!" Is it time to just shut the country down because of a cognitive dissonance overload?

Apple executives argue that the new iPhone required a different dock connector for design reasons--the old dock connector was too big for the slimmed down iPhone 5, and the new dock connector will (eventually) allow for speedier data flow. See? More progress!


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