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The Macalope Daily: In-depth analysis

The Macalope | Oct. 10, 2012
Get ready to scream, because it's another instance of "Yes, this guy gets paid for this and he probably gets paid a lot."

Which is a terrific example because, as everyone knows, Disney completely lost its magical feeling after Walt died and ended up shutting down several years later, the end.

For his part, Ray thinks the "hedgie" who should get a wedgie and other Apple critics are full of hot air:

The iPhone is an exquisite piece of industrial design that stands alone. Kass must be the only person on the planet who thinks a thinner, lighter iPhone is a bad thing.

He's out of touch, sounds like a bit of a jerk, and he runs a hedge fund. What are the odds?

[Editors' Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]


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