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The Macalope Daily: Limbo, limbo!

The Macalope | Dec. 21, 2012
No matter how low Apple's stock gets (read: still way above where it was a year ago), there's always someone who thinks it will go lower.

Steve Jobs never would have ...

Just for teenage kicks, let's go back to what Zabitsky said in January:

He said the early October launch of the iPhone 4S "skewed" the results for the quarter, though noted that iPad sales of 15.4 million units for the period were "exceptional."

We don't have numbers for the current quarter yet, but it's true that Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4Ss the weekend it launched and only 2 million iPhone 5s.

Oh, wait, that was 2 million iPhone 5s for the launch weekend in China. Sorry. The Macalope made a fake mistake for comic effect there. The company sold 5 million iPhone 5s on its initial launch weekend. Probably another set of "skewed" results. Surely won't happen again. All downhill from here.

And if you don't think Apple will sell a metric butt-ton of iPad minis this holiday season, well, the Macalope has an analyst from Canada he'd like to sell you.

Just make him an offer. Any offer.


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