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The Macalope Daily: Motivations

The Macalope | Oct. 2, 2012
What motivates a company? Well, turns out it might be the same thing that motivates someone to write a diatribe about Apple.

Paging Mr. Godwin. Mr. Godwin to the white courtesy phone, please. irresistible. But we shouldn't forget that Apple is everywhere--in our pockets, in our brains, all over our credit-card bills--for a reason. And it's not because the company loves us.

No. You're right. It's because they make awesome products.

Yes, Apple is a company and companies don't love. They don't feel empathy or compassion. They don't have hopes and dreams.

Neither, however, are they "narcissistic." They do not "feel afraid" and they most certainly do not have an "id."

So what was your point again?

Oh, right. Book sales.


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