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The Macalope Weekly: Checking in

The Macalope | Jan. 7, 2013
We're still kicking the tires on 2013, so let's check in on some old favorites. And by "favorites" the Macalope means "pundits we like to kick around."

You know, the approach that's lead to this:

If user base erosion persists at the rate of the last 12 months, RIM will have no US users in 18 months.

If only the same would happen to Rob's user base of gullible journalists and editors.

Taking care of Business

Hey, have you noticed that the Macalope hasn't taken on Business Insider at all this year? And we're five days in already! Well, let's fix that.

Writing for said rag, Nicholas Carlson says "Google Is Attacking Apple From The Inside Out -- And It's Working" (tip o' the antlers to Brian Whitney).

NOTICE: At no time will any evidence be given that this, based on how companies are valued in a capitalist society, is in any way "working." Please sign this waiver before reading further. Readers must be this tall to read this article. Thank you.

After years of hammering away at Apple's share of the smartphone market with cheap-to-free Android phones, Google has lately adopted a new tactic to win mobile.

If "having its operating system on more phones than Apple's but still making more money off of iOS" isn't winning, then Carlson doesn't know what is.


Call it "the worm strategy" ...

Because it's soft and squirms up onto the sidewalk when it rains?

... because Google is attacking Apple from the inside out.

Ah, more like a parasite! Gotcha.

Over the past six months, Google has begun to systematically replace core, Apple-made iOS apps with Google-made iOS apps.

Which is going to be pretty hard to do completely when Apple doesn't allow users to remove core apps or change the default apps.

Google doesn't plan to stop there.

In fact, it's throwing more resources at iOS development.

So, making iOS better is going to kill iOS? Insidious! Will those madmen stop at nothing?!

Google's tactic is working.

The anecdotal evidence:

Turns out some people are using Google apps instead of Apple's apps! Well, two of them. But this anecdotal evidence is incontrovertible!

Then there's the statistical evidence that Google's inside-out tactic is working.

AppData, which monitors iTunes App Store rankings, reports that that number one and two free iPhone apps right now are YouTube and Google Maps.

Actually, right now it's Google Maps and something called "Fun Run." Clearly those fiends who make Fun Run are trying to beat Apple by coding for iOS, too.

None of this makes Apple executives very happy.

Well, the maps situation is clearly not making Apple happy, and that's the company's own fault. But YouTube? Apple doesn't even have a competitor to YouTube. How could it possibly care?

... the world has become one where people there are two kinds people.


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