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The Macalope Weekly: Small sample sizes

The Macalope | Jan. 2, 2013
If there were one useless tool of the silly technology pundit that the Macalope could smite with his mighty horns ... well, there isn't just one. But making mountains out of the molehills of small or specious data sets would at least be in the top ten.

And here you thought you'd get through the end of the year without another self-important Dear John letter to Apple. You are soooo naive.

I am strongly considering leaving the iPhone in favor of either Android or Windows Phone and I want to tell you why.

Wait, what? "Considering"? Dude, are you not familiar with the use of the definitive conjugation "I am leaving"?

With Android's "Butter" introduced at this year's Google I/O, the feel is nearly as good as iOS.

Android: Nearly As Good As iOS!

The bulk of Moorhead's reasons for "considering" leaving are fine. He has a set of personal use cases that might be better suited to other devices and has decided that the Android user experience has reached "good enough" status. Well, good luck to you, sir. Godspeed. Personally, the Macalope doesn't think the user experience--which you experience every time you use the phone (hence the name)--is the place to be compromising. But Moorhead's a big boy who can make his own decisions.

Or can he?

First of all, I have not decided 100% to leave my iPhone.

Arrrgh! Did you actually read the title of this piece, Patrick? Or is there some evil copyeditor of doom working for Forbes?

(Note the Macalope is perfectly willing to believe there actually is an evil copyeditor of doom working for Forbes. It actually explains a lot.)

But it turns out this sample size is actually less than one! Or, rather, it's Schrödinger's sample size! Does it exist? It's impossible to say! The title says it exists, but the column says otherwise!

As a tech analyst, I will be separating my personal experiences and what I think the homogeneous consumer "market" will think as I am not a typical consumer.

Terrific. But, then, why is this supposed to be interesting?


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