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The new KPI for tech companies

David Richards | June 27, 2016
Some cloud vendors are beating competitors with their ability to accumulate knowledge about customers and deeply understand their needs

With Apple and Spotify moving data from Amazon to Google's computing-on-demand service, the fight for data gravity is just getting started. We are already starting to see the massive ecosystem of applications running on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Cloud and IBM SoftLayer as they all compete to provide analytics using advanced technologies, such as machine learning algorithms, to provide more insight into all the meta data they collect. This can only be good news for businesses that are finding they are able to transform their operations through the use and placement of data in the cloud. 

With increasing masses of data spinning around the cloud computing galaxy in the future, where it is held will increasingly determine for tech companies where the money is. Services and applications are nothing without it.

Just like gravity in the real world, you can't fight it: Data is being moved to the cloud and services and applications are going there, too. For tech companies and businesses not to be left behind, may the force must be with you.

Source: NetworkWorld


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